human interest

A Case Of Acceptance?

Adah Dalilah

Because of our human nature we have been designed to have the desire to be associated to something or someone .Some people take pride in the kind of companies they work for, others in the type of clubs they belong to and for others it’s simply the kind of families they come from. When we feel as though the familiar is slipping away we work towards resolving this dissonance.
This also explains why some spouses will choose to stay in a relationship that drains them, that takes the life out of them .why? You would ask, because they are contend with the familiar and are afraid of being ‘alone’
The millenials are familiar with the term squad that is littered all over social media with hash tags about it and what not .From my understanding this is basically a camaraderie. Such squads have adopted a culture that all the members are to adhere to at all times, so for instance their leader because there is always a leader never mind they insist that they are equal, suggests that they have to dress in a certain way, all the members have to comply with this so as to identify themselves with the group. So what happens when you are torn between maintaining your loyalty and compromising your values, but so often are the times we choose to be in harmony with those that make us feel included and end up shelving our convictions.
Working in a company that overworks and underpays you should be a red flag for anyone and prompt them to seek other alternatives. But this is not the case for some people who would rather keep providing their services with an excuse of “how will I manage in a new environment”. They juggle a million what ifs ranging from what if my colleagues wont like me ,what if my boss thinks I look funny what if nobody ever says hi to me . In the end they make a decision to not call it quits when they land a new job.
The universal human urge to belong is inevitable , each one of us wants to feel wanted appreciated and included ,so when we  go out of our way to maintain this we should always ask ourselves is it worth it ? . I for one would hate to look back and think if only I chose another path I would be narrating a different story all together.


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