Don’t get cozy, explore!


I always wanted to start a blog.I was to start immediately I finished high school ,like the typical African I am its now about three years down the line. I remained very true and passionate to my cause but something always came up or I always found a reason to procrastinate some more .It has been a work in progress .It is not a one day nor a one man job as I earlier thought .I have to admit ,I have come to the realization that it is so hard to appeal to millennial’s .

I was trying to figure out why it took me so long to start, personally I realized I was trying to make peace with the fact that starting a blog meant putting myself and my work out there .I won’t lie that was a lot to take on at first because I was starting a new phase where I was not just writing for myself but for others. I have pieces that I have written throughout the  years and to some extent I was comfortable with that cause at the end of the day they were for my eyes only and all that mattered was that they met my satisfaction .Staying wrapped up and all cozy in my small cocoon gave me a sense of security ,safety and most essentially familiarity .It got to a point where I had to get out of my comfort zone and embrace a new audience other than just me .

Change is as good as a rest .I can attest to that cause the joy it gives me to write for you guys is overwhelming , I feel like I am serving a greater purpose and in one way or another I might be able to give a voice to the voiceless and maybe if I am lucky enough be an inspiration,honestly nothing would make me happier .

For creative’s it is disheartening when someone  castigates  your work ,nonetheless I appreciate constructive criticism,it makes you a better and stronger person and also helps you see your mistakes and figure out  how to become more spectacular at what you do.

We should all just learn to unchain ourselves from the stereotypical ways of life .You really never know until you try. And hey you only live once, sure you don’t want to live with regrets .No one ever accomplished anything by letting their fear conquer them, so unchain yourself from the what ifs and the buts. Be adventurous for its only then that you discover your true self, your weaknesses and strengths and going forward you can balance them accordingly.

With that said, disclaimer alert, make sure you do your research thoroughly before venturing into anything .We should be very practical with our adventurous spirit.



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