My next mistake,


“Are you still coming ?We’ve been waiting for you all afternoon.”I almost dropped my phone .Why did I even make such a promise in the first place.My cramps were killing me ,ladies I know you know this scenario too well.That time of the month that you just want to stay in bed and sleep.I was not even in a position to get out of bed let alone go out for a party.At times like this I wished I had mastered the art of saying NO!Like the good friend that I am I had to brace myself ,threw on a T-shirt some pair of black jeans and a black hoodie,to try make amends for my not so-fine party outfit I put on a pair of black boots,it gave it just the perfect touch.You would have mistaken me for someone who was going to a burial and not a friend’s birthday party.Looking back now ,yes I think I was really going for a burial,that was the day I buried my guard.
With my ‘panadol extra’ in hand I set off.To begin with I don’t like crowds,what happened to “its just a small intimate party” ?Of all days today is the day I had to forget my hand sanitizer.I am almost done with the handshakes when I get to this guy in a grey t-shirt and black pants,I put forth my hand,he holds my hand and doesn’t let go.I’m there thinking “not today satan ,not today!”
“Come sit with me,” he whispers.What audacity!The whole time I was not even looking at him cause I would have gouged out his eyes.Hold up !Its not like I don’t like attention I just had to take it in small doses.
“Please let go of m…”I said turning to look at this guy who clearly knew no boundaries.
What caught my eye was his poodle-cut ,his black sleek hair spread like feathers on a pillow ,couldn’t help but wonder what rubble lay beneath all that .
I like my walk of shame early enough, the less number of people who see me the better.I wake up and rush to the bathroom to brush my teeth.Who carries a toothbrush to a party ,I do .Clearly I have self-diagnosed OCD.
Just as I am about to sneak out successfully without making any sound or waking anyone up cause trust me I’m clumsy ,”Up already.You are an early riser.”
How on earth could I be so unlucky ,him again!
“Let me take you to the bus stop.”
Declining the offer would have been easier if he didn’t have that sly smirk on his face I just had to give in.
Two hours later I got a text that made me retrace all my tracks from the previous night .”Hope you got home safe.”How ?When?I couldn’t remember half the things that had happened the previous night,it was wild,but for sure i would have remembered giving out my number to the most exasperating person i had met in a while,or was I that wasted?                                                                     With every passing day he became more invincible while I on the other hand became more susceptible to every heart warming gesture he made .I had officially just signed up for my next mistake.

The next three months that followed were the best time of my life.We talked every single day ,hour maybe .I became a slave to my phone .He called me every night before I went to bed and we would talk for hours on end.My sister nicknamed him Bob Collymore.He became a very intrinsic part of my life .
When he invited me to his game for the first time ,I felt like a girl who was going to prom and had nothing to wear.Evidently for someone whose muscles were not in sync ,I had never played any sport let alone watch one.I could hardly understand whatever was going on but as I sat in that stadium and watched him play, I felt like the proudest girlfriend in the whole world.Have you ever looked at a crowd and only see one person?It didn’t matter if he scored or not.
Every time he kissed my forehead my world just froze and I felt like everything came to a stand still.I wanted to take it all in ,I wanted to stay in the moment .
Our first kiss was magical.He held my waist and gently pulled me towards him and I closed my eyes almost instantly,whatever happened next was the most surreal thing ever. I was head over heels for this guy. Was it too early to say I was in love?


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