Give Me The Man


“I’m sure a visit to the salon doubles up as a date for him and his girlfriend.”Remarked Karl ,my socially awkward friend  of mixed heritage ,we are the same height but in his world we are not .So I just let him feed his ego with that belief ,I mean life is hard enough.

We were sipping coffee from our to-go cups while unwinding after a long day when a fairly dark man, wearing a pair of blue jeans that were sagged beyond his behind walked past us .His hair was braided and from where I was seated his nails looked like they had a manicure appointment.
I watched in utter disbelief as the young man disappeared in one of the building alleys in Nairobi’s CBD.
Some of the feminine traits our African men are picking are startling  .I mean when did it become okay for a man to go to a salon, buy hair piece and sit for more than thirty minutes to get their hair fixed. I’m trying to imagine how he’d stride in to one of the bestlady outlets ask one of the attendants for a particular hair color, then proceed to the cashier to pay for it . Clearly he has to have nil genes of disgrace or shelved his ego .Because how?

These new breed of African men now want  to dress like their women counterparts ,you will spot them in tight jeans I hear they call them skinny jeans and these long ‘tops’ I cant recall the name of those but I’m sure you have seen them in those many themed events they like going to in crowds .
Their lack of responsibility will make you question the knife that ushered them into manhood .They will play around with women get them pregnant and leave the world to take care of their ‘hardwork’.  At the age of 30 some of them are still housed by their parents and showing no signs of being self sufficient in the near future, they subscribe to data bundles which they use to keep tabs on their girlfriends and post their own pictures on Instagram with a hash tag just relaxing as if there’s anything they have mastered other than that.

These ‘men’ take way too many selfies and they even crown their heads with flowers and dog ears .Too narcissist I believe.

You will find this type in a group somewhere sharing their experiences as the ultimate love machines the o- dispensers speaking of which your incentive to tell people about your prowess is indirectly proportional to your actual prowess. So you might want to rethink giving out those details.

An alarming number of them  drink themselves silly and waste their productive years away .Some of those who drink don’t even have jobs one would wonder where they get the resources to fund their lifestyle.

What happened to the man who when turned down by a girl she liked would find a better way of asking next time as compared to taking her against her will .Give me the man who would go to his wife and kids before midnight, the one who did not lazy around and wait for his parents to support his own family.
I want the man who took charge, the one who knew his role and his words were not in conflict with his actions. 



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