Hope in Adversity


For Christians faith is a belief in the unseen God and devoting their entire lives to serving Him.

Their values are built on the Holy book. The scripture shapes their existence and to them it is the basis of their living.

Through the bible, God lets His people in on the kind of testing they will go through and reassures them of His presence in their trials no matter the extent .Job from the bible is a classical case of a man who was put through hell and came out victorious. He had it so rough in life to a point where his wife told him to renounce God and die; he however kept His faith alive and somehow lived through all that tribulation.

But what happens when we feel as though the kind of lives we are living are not a reflection of the reality of God in them. 

It’s like some sort of a phase in your life where you feel divorced from God and no matter how many verses you recite to yourself you can’t seem to knock off the feeling of neglect.

You shy away from talking to God because you feel it’s a lost call and if at all you pray your prayers are stained with doubt and soon that doubt turns to anger.

Your unfulfilled expectations of God send you straight to a state of depression. You lose the only thing that has kept you together for so long -hope.
Then it dawns on you that all there is is to seat still and await the outcome of a situation you have dedicated to God.

A story on the Daily Nation brought the closeness of the magnitude of suffering people go through in life. A certain young man remains bedridden awaiting his fate after he was paralyzed from waist down due to a fall sixteen years ago. In the course of his ordeal he lost his father and brother the only close relatives he had and the whereabouts of his wife and son are up to date unknown to him. His recovery has since suffered greatly because of the lack of treatment from a specialist, couple this with the move by nurses to stay away from hospitals and you have a poignant situation.
I’m not one to comment on the spectrum God uses to bless his people but I thought that maybe just maybe he ought to have received his breakthrough by now. 
Some of the setbacks we go through make us question the very existence of God and think that perhaps He is expecting too much of us.
In my quest to find answers, I seem to be raising more questions instead.

A preaching I happened to watch by a famed charismatic preacher Joyce Meyer themed ‘trusting God when it doesn’t make sense’ echoed my skepticism. How do you approach God when you lose your child to a terminal illness? Or how do you continue to rely on Him when you get a termination letter on your desk? where do you start from when you get knocked down over and over ?
How God responds to our pleas and requests continues to be enigmatic. He is who He is, and as Christians all we  can do is to persist in our pursuit to know Him and make Him known and above all believe that everything will come to us at the right time.


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