Happy New Month …

Happy new month beautiful people .
Its a new month already ,and a cold one at that but you really can’t tell global warming always has something else up its sleeve .Praying for good weather though ,currently we could really use the rain.

So I decided to share the four top most things I am planning to do or rather my goals for the month of July .I usually don’t do this resolutions business but I am trying to become a more organized person so yeah this is step one towards that .
1.Read at least one book this month Generally  there is a cloud of bad reading habbits hoovering over most of us.There’s just an indisputable feeling that comes with a brilliant mind .The more you read the more you sharpen your brilliance.Sometime back I used to read a lot ,whatever happened along the way I really can’t tell.But I am back and more determined than ever .I would like to say I will read at least two books but let’s leave it at one cause I have exams coupled up this month moreover I am a slow reader ,trying to keep it as realistic as possible .

2.Keep fit 

Everyone who knows me ,knows I have a sweet tooth .I live for all the sweet things in life .I am a candy junkie there’s no denying that .I love my nyama choma rear ,spicy and salty(my mouth is watering already).This month I am looking forward to cutting down on the sugars, salt and the junk food and most essentially drink a lot of water,a gallon a day if possible.I am all about the healthy lifestyle.I am also trying to incorporate work outs .Trust me going to the gym is not as fabulous as it looks ,the first day I couldn’t even walk straight ,actually going up the stairs is still a painful undertaking .I really want to become consistent in going to the gym .If I am successful and I have good results I will do a fitness series for you guys.

3.Be more consistent on this blog.

Its been quite the journey its almost two months since I started blogging .I am loving it every step of the way and I am also learning .Currently I am also reading so many blogs ,if I follow you on WordPress just know that I read your work religiously and you guys are so so good at what you do and you inspire me to become better every day .I am working towards writing more on this blog ,just that at times I don’t know what to write about if I did I would probably write everyday.


I am not a big spender,where is the money to spend anyway ?I really want to learn how to save more .I feel very proud cause a couple of my friends and I came up with a plan to save a certain amount of money every month and we are doing so well .You can’t even imagine how that small amount you save periodical could sum up to so much .You can try it .If you are not disciplined enough to save the money diligently you can look for alternative saving options .The results are worth it trust me .Looking forward to being able to save more this new month.

Thank you everyone for reading. Any suggestions on wonderful books that I could read and the topics you would like me to write on will be highly welcome.You can also tell me about the things you are planning to achieve this month I will be glad to read them.Leave your comments in the comment section below.  


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