The Good Ride


I recently made a trip to Nairobi from Eldoret and on an enjoyment scale, that trip was a 6.5 (you need to understand that if it passes a five it’s really good for me). I love travelling by public transport because its within my means and if I could have it any other way I’d probably still use it.

My biggest concern however, is the kind of passenger I’ll be seating next to, I have had horrid experiences from guys who snore like nduthis to people who feel compelled to offer their views on Every Single Thing.
I was fortunate enough to seat next to a an elderly man who didn’t engage me through out the journey, he kept to himself and only threw in an occasional smile because good manners states you smile at the person sitting next to you and only talk to them when you really have to . So yes he kept to his space adjusted his seat whenever he wanted to take a siesta and listened to music through his iPod
decent man.

The great rift has enjoyed a fairly good rainfall, just enough for crops to flourish, the maize fields here do not disappoint as compared to what is seen in other parts of the country. The ever green planted trees are swayed by a nippy breeze that sweeps across the landscape. School ongoing kids struggle to balance stacks of firewood on their backs (it’s on Saturday just incase you have already started labeling their parents all sorts of names).In other parts of the world this can be viewed as child labor but around here you are simply doing house chores, you know, the way kids in majuu do laundry and take out trash, here you just carry the weight of wood on your back.

Then there was this lot of kids who were playing by the roadside and by playing I’m talking dirt on their clothes, physical contact and small bruises, the kind of kids who show up at home looking like tiny cement factory workers. The screen generation show up at home with wrist strains and okoa jahazi’s that their parents are supposed to sort out.

Our bus driver occasionally did that thing men do when they are driving ;imagining that they are in a self existing racing competition with another vehicles on the road ,so yes he ‘won’ a few times and I’m guessing that massaged his ego and made him feel all important .

We experienced a bit of traffic because of the many trucks that forcefully condition you to a speed of 20km/hr. Those truck drivers have this face that’s devoid of emotion, one hand on the wheel and the other one folded to a shape of samosa on the drivers rolled down window, a true testament of what it is like to control a slow vehicle and be blamed for it by other motorists.

There was this lady’s gripping snore that brought my concentration to the inside of the bus ,she was a chubby lady and next to her was this young man and from where I was seated he looked like he had  just exited his youthful  years not so long ago . That woman snored.  She wasn’t tossing or anything she had folded her hands across her bosom and adjusted her seat lucky for her, the seat behind was not occupied so she had room to make her rest as comfortable as she wanted.  I thought to myself  how falling asleep has a way of humbling women ,incase they  go running  their mouths around their  male friends on how they  don’t drool or sleep talk .

A good number of us have seen the men and women on our roads that ensure that you take fresh fruits and vegetables to you loved ones .They approach oncoming busses and hold up their goods on passenger windows in a bid to make a sell.Their merchandise is reasonably priced and my mom mellows at the sight of fresh warus and carrots it was unfortunate I could not buy them.

At around 5:30pm we were cruising down Westlands and I had already exhausted all my Joyce Meyer videos so I just  sat there staring at the new buildings and thinking westlands is like a packet  of dunhill  and Eastlands well,  rooster.


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