The Good Ride

I recently made a trip to Nairobi from Eldoret and on an enjoyment scale, that trip was a 6.5 (you need to understand that if it passes a five it’s really good for me). I love travelling by public transport because its within my means and if I could have it any other way I’d… Continue reading The Good Ride


Hope in Adversity

[imagebyjim] For Christians faith is a belief in the unseen God and devoting their entire lives to serving Him. Their values are built on the Holy book. The scripture shapes their existence and to them it is the basis of their living. Through the bible, God lets His people in on the kind of testing… Continue reading Hope in Adversity



Please stop passing off clear character flaws as just ‘how I am and improve yourself’. I recently stumbled on this message on the internet and it got me thinking  .How many times have people blamed their incompetence ,laziness ,selfishness, lack of commitment, rudeness on their social upbringing or acquired habits ? I can’t dispute that… Continue reading BECOME A BETTER YOU