Peace is its own reward. -Mahatma Gandhi.

Its mind boggling and very sad to imagine that almost 10years down the line some people, actually Kenyans at large, are still paying a price for sins most of them know nothing about. It’s insane that a decade later we still have thousands in IDP camps. To imagine that their condition was caused by people they considered friends, neighbors and believe it or not for some it was their relatives. How do you just move from one extreme to the other ,how do you move from that point of so much love to so much hate ?Thin line between love and hate ?I beg to differ ,let us not let people use us for their malicious deeds.

Once you raise a machete to slit your neighbors throat and torch their residences you are not any better, truth be told you are actually worse than that politician who allegedly ‘didn’t do right by you’. Darkness cannot drive out darkness only light can.We are a very diverse community, we have 42ethnic groups in Kenya, and peace starts with embracing our diversity. Accepting and respecting the fact that it is okay for everyone to have their opinion is a step towards achieving the peace that we so desire .Its every Kenyan citizen’s constitutional right to vote in a leader of their choice.

This being an election year its already taking its toll on our economy.Investors are shying away thus further dampening our economy which is not doing so well.
I think that everything that has happened so far should be a wake up call. We need the peace! Vote in the leader you see best fit to serve you, let’s not base it on ethnic lines .I know that at this point some are just thinking same old, same old cliché .I don’t think I could put it in a better way than one of my all time favorite person did –Rev.Dr.Martin Luther King “One day we must come to see that peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek,but that it is a means by which we arrive at that goal.We must pursue peaceful ends through peaceful means.”
Its my plea that we as Kenyans are greater than all this and after 8th August we will all have a home and a family to go back to.Like a friend of mine said on twitter “Kenya is our home and after 8th we need a home to go to.” Aboki foundation is doing a good job at preaching the gospel of peace. Kudos! #Abokiforpeace.



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