Peace is its own reward. -Mahatma Gandhi.

Its mind boggling and very sad to imagine that almost 10years down the line some people, actually Kenyans at large, are still paying a price for sins most of them know nothing about. It’s insane that a decade later we still have thousands in IDP camps. To imagine that their condition was caused by people they… Continue reading Peace is its own reward. -Mahatma Gandhi.


The Good Ride

I recently made a trip to Nairobi from Eldoret and on an enjoyment scale, that trip was a 6.5 (you need to understand that if it passes a five it’s really good for me). I love travelling by public transport because its within my means and if I could have it any other way I’d… Continue reading The Good Ride


How can we salvage the situation?

Currently the most contentious topic of discussion among Kenyans has been  the spiraling cost of living.The skyrocketing prices of basic commodities like maize flour (unga) and milk is insanely out of this world,some of these prices defy economic fundamentals and beat logic.With the campaign session  gathering momentum,this not pleasing situation has provided political fodder for… Continue reading How can we salvage the situation?



Please stop passing off clear character flaws as just ‘how I am and improve yourself’. I recently stumbled on this message on the internet and it got me thinking  .How many times have people blamed their incompetence ,laziness ,selfishness, lack of commitment, rudeness on their social upbringing or acquired habits ? I can’t dispute that… Continue reading BECOME A BETTER YOU